• Dignité pour toutes et tous / Raise the rates

Welfare rates need to be raised to levels that allow people to live with dignity.

The current rates do not allow people to cover their living expenses such as rent, food, and the basic needs of daily life. Project Genesis advocates for people’s right to have sufficient income to cover their basic needs.

In 2013, those receiving the base category welfare rate of $604 per month did not have enough to cover even half of their basic expenses, according to data made available by the Quebec government.

People receiving welfare, regardless of the category, live well below the poverty line and struggle to afford their rent, groceries, heating and other essential expenses.

Members of Project Genesis’ Dignity Support Action Group are an integral part of our Anti-Poverty work. Through facilitating meetings, writing letters, and participating in educational activities, they shed light on the financial hardship faced by those receiving welfare and work collectively towards the goal of increasing welfare benefits.

Dismantling myths and prejudices towards people receiving welfare is one of the ways we work towards achieving positive change. Our members and volunteers take part in various creative activities to increase awareness of the realities of life on welfare, such as participating on a community radio show, and creating an art exhibit that was displayed at various locations in our neighbourhood.

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