Some Recent Numbers

  • Through our Housing Rights community organizing, we advocated for a decrease in the delays for tenants to have their cases heard at the Quebec Rental Board. Currently, the average wait for most tenants to have their first hearing is 20 months, whereas the average wait for landlords who file for eviction is 6 weeks. Project Genesis produced a video highlighting the unfairness of this discrepancy for tenants, which you can view here.

  • Our Housing Rights organizing team worked towards a more effective enforcement of the municipal housing code in Côte-des-Neiges (CDN)-NDG, so that landlords would face the consequences of not maintaining their buildings in good repair. Partly as a result of our efforts alongside other local housing groups, two new municipal inspectors were hired, and the process for tenants to make complaints and follow through with the municipal inspection office was streamlined to decrease the burden on tenants.

  • Last year, 197 people were provided information and assistance with applications to Low-Cost Housing, co-operatives and housing non-profits through our regularly-held Low-Cost Housing and co-op clinics.

  • 124 people attended tenants’ rights workshops last year, to get basic information on their housing rights and on how to defend them.

  • Last year, our Outreach teams visited 83 buildings, knocking on 1,615 apartment doors. Outreach teams spoke directly with 740 households, giving information on Project Genesis and informing people about their rights and responsibilities. We left a pamphlet on Project Genesis’ services at those dwellings where there was no answer. We also met local residents in neighbourhood parks. Through our interactions and flyers, we were able to give tenants information in twelve languages. This past year, we participated in an evaluation of the Outreach program, following which a short video was made, which can be viewed here (in French).

  • This past year, our Housing Rights Committee had 65 active members.