• Journée pour l'élimination de la pauvreté / Day for the elimination of poverty

Applying for welfare and accessing benefits has become increasingly complicated. Improvements are needed to make this process more direct and humane, and responsive to the needs of applicants.

Since 2008, Project Genesis’ Storefront staff has seen a notable increase in the number of people seeking support in their application for welfare. We have been documenting and denouncing the progressive depersonalization and dehumanization of services taking place at local welfare offices (Centre local d’emploi, or CLE).

In partnership with other community organizations working with people receiving social assistance, we are calling for much-needed improvements to make the welfare system more accessible. These include re-establishing the possibility of direct telephone contact between applicants and welfare agents, reducing the number of documents required to prove eligibility for benefits, and the possibility of applicants requesting a face-to-face meeting with an agent to explain their situation.

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We have engaged in letter-writing campaigns, media actions, and requested meetings with elected officials and bureaucrats of the Ministry for Employment and Social Solidarity towards achieving these objectives.

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