Our Anti-Poverty work builds on our perspective that everyone has the right to the financial means to provide for a decent quality of life.

Week after week, we see the effects of extreme poverty on many people who come to Project Genesis for services. We believe that no one should be forced to live in poverty, least of all in a society as rich as our own.

We work to overcome the root causes of poverty in our community through community mobilization, awareness campaigns, interactions with public officials, and coalition work.

Our Anti-Poverty Committee (APC) is made up of local residents who bring their passion and experience to this issue.

The Dignity Support Action Group is made up of individuals whose personal experiences with welfare have inspired them to take collective action against poverty.

Issues We’re Working On

Dignité pour toutes et tous / Raise the rates

Increasing welfare rates

Welfare rates need to be raised to levels that allow people to live with dignity, The current rates do not allow people to cover living expenses such as rent, food, and their basic daily needs.

Journée pour l'élimination de la pauvreté / Day for the elimination of poverty

Improving access to welfare

Applying for and accessing welfare benefits has become increasingly complicated. The process must be improved to be more direct, humane, and responsive to the needs of applicants.
Pour un tarif social du transport en commun / For a social rate for public transit

Supporting a social rate for public transit

In order to be more accessible to all, public transit should be available at a reduced rate to low-income households.
Contre les hausses de Hydro Québec / Against Hydro increases

Opposing Hydro increases

An increase in electricity rates will disproportionately affect the poorest members of our society, who already struggle to cover basic living expenses.