At Project Genesis, we see the links between individual problems and broader social inequities. We provide services that help people resolve individual difficulties while also working collectively on their root causes.

Individual Services

Our Individual Services provide one-on-one help – including providing legal information, advocacy, and referrals – for a range of problems.


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Project Genesis’ Storefront is a drop-in centre where people can come for free-of-charge, confidential help with problems in specific areas, including housing, welfare, pensions, and family allowances.

Home Advocacy Services

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The Home Advocacy Services (HAS) program brings our Storefront services to individuals who live close to Project Genesis, but have difficulty coming to the Storefront due to reduced mobility or loss of vision.

Community Organizing

Through our Community Organizing, we work together with local residents to counteract the causes of some of the problems they face.

Housing Rights

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We believe that affordable, quality housing is a basic human right, and work to overcome the various barriers to decent housing faced by low-income households.


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Our Anti-Poverty work builds on our view that everyone has the right to the financial means to provide for a decent quality of life.