• Bénévole de Càd / HAS volunteer

The Home Advocacy Services (HAS) program brings our Storefront services to individuals who live close to Project Genesis, but have difficulty coming to the Storefront due to reduced mobility or loss of vision.

People in these situations may be isolated, or may have a hard time accessing information and services.

By providing services in their homes, we support homebound service users in understanding and defending their rights, and having access to benefits to which they’re entitled.

The services of this small yet vital program are provided by volunteers and interns, working under the supervision of the program co-ordinator and Storefront staff.

To access these services, or for more specific information, please call Project Genesis and ask to speak with the Home Advocacy Services coordinator.

Our Home Advocacy Service Area

Our HAS program is available to those who qualify and live within our service area. Click below to see the the map delineating our service area, or call us and ask to speak with the HAS coordinator to find out if you are within our service boundaries.

An inside look at our Home Advocacy work

Bénévole Càd consulte le personnel / HAS volunteer consulting a staff person

Participating in our Home Advocacy Services

Bénévole Càd consulte le personnel / HAS volunteer consulting a staff person

Our Storefront relies on well-trained volunteer receptionists and advisors who are supervised directly by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Without these volunteers, we would not be able to provide services to thousands of individuals every year.

Our Home Advocacy Services provides our Storefront services to people in our neighbourhood who are home-bound.

If you speak English and French (any additional languages are an asset), enjoy interacting with people, you may be interested in being part of our team!

Want to get involved in Home Advocacy Services?

Check the boxes below for more details and to be part of our pool of candidates! (To apply, you must fulfill all the criteria listed)