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changing lives,

thanks to
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Building a society
that respects
and defends
the dignity
of all individuals

Our Work


Our Storefront is a drop-in centre where people can come for free-of-charge, confidential help with problems in areas such as housing, welfare, pensions, and family benefits.


We believe that affordable, quality housing is a basic human right and work to overcome the various barriers to decent housing faced by low-income households.


Our Anti-Poverty work builds on our conviction that everyone in society has the right to the financial means to provide for a decent quality of life.


We are a community organization and rely on your support and involvement to accomplish our work. There are many ways in which you can support our goals!

Next Workshop

Social Housing Workshops

Do you want to apply for low-cost housing?

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at 2pm, at Project Genesis

An inside look

Rodolfo (right)
Opinion: Quebec's welfare reform bill is aiming at the wrong target
Judith, bénévole au Centre de services individuels / Judith, Storefront volunteer