Thank you for your interest – this event has already taken place

Journée élimination de la pauvreté / Day to End Poverty

Friday, May 8th, 3-5pm at Project Genesis.

You are invited to a party to celebrate the dignity of people in our community who are on social assistance.

It’s tough having to count on welfare or social solidarity for your very survival, especially in a society like ours that keeps telling us that we’re no good to anyone if we don’t have paid work. We know that we do have worth and dignity and we want to make a point of celebrating and recognizing all the hard work that we do, as volunteers, parents, care-givers, etc.

Project Genesis volunteers who have experience with welfare would like to invite you to join them for a party that they are organizing during the Quebec Week of Dignity of People on Social Assistance.

All  are welcome. There will be food and entertainment!