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Fighting poverty by fighting for social housing

"The most important way of fighting poverty is by fighting for housing."

Perseverance and helping others

"I am learning a lot and I am meeting a lot of different people. Seeing different things and learning makes a lot of difference in my life."
Metro - Délais inégaux à la Régie du logement

Délais inégaux à la Régie du logement

Métro – 9 juin 2015
The Suburban

CSL asked to urge renewal of federal social housing subsidies

The Suburban - April 22, 2015.

Members of Project Genesis stand together

"I don’t give Genesis a hundred percent – I give Genesis a hundred and ten! Anyone can come here and we won’t turn you away. I am proud to be a member of Project Genesis.”

Tenants supporting each other

"Teach people to stand up for themselves. Give people confidence. People helping people.”

My Experience: Keeping rents affordable

"Each time a tenant can stop themselves from being victimized, it is a victory; these individual victories contribute to the ideal of a society that is accessible for everyone."