Participating in positive change

“I believe that as we continue to persevere, by actions and letters of concern to the government about poverty and homelessness, there will be positive changes in the near future."

Standing in solidarity with those in difficulty

"Project Genesis is unique in the way it situates individuals (often experiencing significant difficulties) in the context of a community, ready to stand with them and equip them to take action."
Pour un tarif social du transport en commun / For a social rate for public transit

Supporting a social rate for public transit

"When you can’t afford a bus ride, you’re stuck!"
Prochaines sorties barrées
Régie du lentement

Solving problems

"The complexity of this case, coupled with Ms D’s marginalized status as an elderly person without strong English or French language skills, suggests that without our intervention, Ms D may never have received welfare."

Negotiating bureaucratic delays

"The Storefront staff were instrumental in guiding me in assessing the situation so that I could confidently take the next steps in working towards a resolution for Mr. G.”

Caring about local residents

"Project Genesis is made up of people who care about Côte-des-Neiges residents and are available to help them exercise their rights."
Russel, bénévole au comité anti-pauvreté / Russell, Anti-Poverty committee volunteer

Gaining insight and building solidarity

"(This activity) was an eye-opener...and it built solidarity amongst ourselves while fuelling us to engage in further actions."