The Suburban

Housing Alarm

The Suburban - May 8, 2013
Les Actualites - Bedbugs - Don't take anything from the streets

Bedbugs: “Don’t take anything from the streets”

Les Actualités - April 17, 2013

My Experience: Keeping rents affordable

"Each time a tenant can stop themselves from being victimized, it is a victory; these individual victories contribute to the ideal of a society that is accessible for everyone."
Les Actualités - Hausse des loyers : les deux côtés de la médaille

Hausse des loyers : les deux côtés de la médaille

Les Actualités - 21 février 2013
Kurt, bénévole deu comité droit au logement / Kurt, Housing Rights Committee volunteer

Blue Bonnets: Engaging people in our neighbourhood

“I was so proud that this was something we orchestrated ourselves, and that we succeeded in making local people aware of this important issue and getting them involved.”
Maisonneuve - How the Quebec Rental Board wages war on the poor, one agonizing delay at a time

Participating in positive change

“I believe that as we continue to persevere, by actions and letters of concern to the government about poverty and homelessness, there will be positive changes in the near future."
CBC radio - Housing project on former Hippodrome site

(Audio) Housing project on former Hippodrome site

CBC Radio - December 12, 2012

Working towards a solution

"Through our committee, we continue to work towards a solution – and I think there is one out there. We need to ensure that people are treated with dignity.”

Increasing confidence for a Home Advocacy Services user

“Since he lost his vision some years ago, Mr. T finds it difficult to manage his paperwork, so he asked our Home Advocacy Services for help"